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"I have tried all systems, and this simple one still remains the best".

Australia Flag IconTwo pop up displays standing next to each other. 'Using this technique gives the customer more options at other venues and updating any graphic designer artwork when needed. Looks beautiful.'

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Create the perfect display booth quickly by using multiple units to display a larger wall. This is better approach than curved narrow displays. To expand displays with graphic cover two or more units. It is the best way to expand displays over double areas with vivid color graphic printing. It is a terrific method to master longer displays with ease of portability, lightweight and better stability. Curved units topple and require angular braces reducing floor space.

Two pop up displays standing next to each other. Using this technique gives the customer more options at other venues and updating any graphic designer artwork when needed. Looks beautiful

Available direct we supply many graphic designers, advertising agencies and sign companies. We can supply your pop up displays for printing companies too.

The photo above shows two display units with a single print graphic design, the display chief allows you to master your display exhibition or booth use. It is available direct from us here and we can print any size sign in full color with top quality rendition and photo quality.


"This suits our purposes perfectly... I can easily carry the display units anywhere and it allows my exhibition team to very quickly set up and concentrate on the exhibition customers. I have tried many systems and worked out this is the best for many reasons tks.


Around the edges we put a thick hook n loop fitting (both on the frame and behind the printing graphic) so you fit tightly, quickly and it wont fall off.



This system allows you to expand the length of your graphics with twin, triple and longer prints.

Your displays are easier to master graphics for different events


Purchase single or units, then apply the graphic design printing onto single, twin, or triple units to expand your display, alternate between events or more.

Reliable and freestanding.


Advantages over curved options.

Anti glare for photography, high definition graphics.



Many display booth and 'wall style' presentation customers alternate graphics between different events, personalities, sponsors and times...


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Step by Step installation is easy... Expand display, Attach sign, Put up and admire.

Step x Step of putting up Pop Up Displays

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